Hold Your Head Up High

Face your day with confidence and the perfect haircut or keratin treatment in Princeton, NJ

While there's no magic pill to boost your confidence overnight, a professional haircut comes pretty close. With the right style and length, you can face the world each morning with your head held high.

With over 20 years of experience, the master stylists Tim & Kate at B+B Hair Color Studio can cut and style your hair so that it frames your face, accents your best features and gives you the confidence you need to take on each day's challenges. Schedule a haircut at our Princeton, NJ studio today.

Take on the world with a cutting-edge look

Take on the world with a cutting-edge look

Perhaps you want to tame your frizz before a big job interview, or maybe you're ready to switch things up after rocking the same style for years. During your appointment, our stylists Tim & Kate can give you advice on hair maintenance and complete your new look with:

  • A stylish blowout
  • A bold new color
  • A keratin treatment

Let the professionals transform your look with an edgy haircut or a nourishing keratin treatment. To make an appointment, call 609-683-4455 now.